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Kleer-Vue’s Window Cleaning for business primarily consists of 1 - 3 storey commercial buildings. Do you know that Dirty Windows at ANY commercial property is stands out to clients and customers? Unclean windows negatively reflects on the professional clean image of any commercial property


Please Note: It is very important to establish a regular window cleaning schedule. Hiring a professional window cleaner isn't expensive and ensures your windows are looked after and well maintained on a regular basis year round. Remember: Clean windows also tell your workers and more importantly your customers that you care!


Commercial Schedules Available:

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly


Do you have a window cleaner already but aren’t satisfied? They almost never turn up on a regular basis? Never really do a great job? They don’t take their time to do the job right!


REMEMBER: As in any line of business and your own included. You often get what you pay for and we work hard to not be the cheapest in town due to the low standards often associated with that.


We provide dependable and exceptional quality window cleaning at a reasonable price.


We focus on quality and service and pride  ourselves very highly on providing a top quality high end service at a reasonable price.


If you are ONLY interested in the  cheapest price or don't care who does them long as they are done for a few dollars then we’re probably not the window cleaning company for you.


You can count on Kleer-Vue Window Cleaning safe in the knowledge that we are dependable and deliver exceptional quality workmanship.


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